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sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011

A Lab Primeira Circuitos e Eletrônica


A First Lab in Circuits and Electronics
English | 2009 | PDF | 140 Pages | 10MB
Experiments are linked to real applications. Students are likely to be interested and excited to learn more and explore. Example of experiments linked to real applications can be seen in Experiment 2, steps 6, 7, 15, and 16; Experiment 5, steps 6 to 10 and Experiment 7, steps 12 to 20.
Table of Contents:
Good Lab Practices and Other Useful Hints.
Ground Connections.
Measuring DC Voltages and Currents.
Simple DC Circuits; Resistors and Resistive Sensors.
Generating, Observing, and Hearing Time-Varying Signals.
Basic Characteristics of OP AMPS and Comparators.
Amplifier Design Using OP AMPS; A Sound System.
RC Circuit Transients; More on Measurement Techniques.
Filters, Frequency Response, and Tone Control.
LC Circuits, Resonance, and Transformers.
Diodes and Their Applications.
Modulation and Radio Reception.
MOSFET Characteristics and Applications.
Principles of Amplification.
Bipolar Trnasistors and Amplifiers.
Digital Logic Circuits; Gates and Latches.
D Flip-Flops and Shift Registers.
JK Flip-Flops and Ripple Counters.
Appendix A: Component Value Codes.
Appendix B: Oscilloscope Probe Calibration.
Appendix C: Decibels.
Appendix D: Supply Bypassing.
Appendix E: Data Input, Clear, and Clock Switches.
Appendix F: Producing a Clock Signal by Using a Function Generator.
Appendix G: Equipment and Parts List.

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