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terça-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2011

Information Systems and Healthcare Enterprises

Information Systems and Healthcare Enterprises
IGI Publishing; 1 edition | ISBN-10: 1599046512 | 380 pages | PDF | 1.8 Mb

The healthcare industry in the United States consumes roughly 20% of the gross national product per year. This huge expenditure not only represents a large portion of the countrys collective interests, but also an enormous amount of medical information. Information intensive healthcare enterprises have unique issues related to the collection, disbursement, and integration of various data within the healthcare system. Information Systems and Healthcare Enterprises provides insight on the challenges arising from the adaptation of information systems to the healthcare industry, including development, design, usage, adoption, expansion, and compliance with industry regulations. Highlighting the role of healthcare information systems in fighting healthcare fraud and the role of information technology and vendors, this book will be a highly valued addition to academic, medical, and health science libraries.

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