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quarta-feira, 2 de junho de 2010

Interferência eletromagnética

Artigo interessante sobre Interferência eletromagnética em equipamentos eletromédicos

Embora teimem em dizer que não á perigo nas radiações de antenas e telemóveis
eu como profissional da electrónica (30 anos de profissão) afirmo que existe sim .
Mas o poder politico ou financeiro tentam a todo o custo provar o contrario,dando medições erradas ou aparelhos a precisar de reparação, quem sabe.
E quase todos os cidadãos pagam bem para danificar a nossa saúde faz-me lembrar o tabaco.

Tudo sobre Auto-Radios

Neste site você encontra muitas informações para todas as marcas de auto rádios.

Esquemas de conexões de ligações traseiras de auto-falantes e alimentações.

Processadores usados no aparelho.

Tipo de memória usada no aparelho.

Circuito integrado de saída de som usado no aparelho.

Na esquerda do site você escolhe a marca desejada!

Clique neste link.

Best of Gregorian - The Masterpieces

feature photo TRACKLIST:
01. Losing My Religion
02. Brothers In Arms
03. Tears In Heaven
04. Moment Of Peace
05. Hymn
06. Join Me
07. Sacrifice
08. The Gift
09. Bridge Over Troubled Water
10. The Raven
11. Hurt
12. With Or Without You

Electrical Engineering Dictionar - Laplante - CRC Press

"One can only appreciate the magnitude of e ffort required to develop a dictionary by
actually experiencing it. Although I had written nine other books, I certainly did not
know what I was getting into when in January of 1996 I agreed to serve as Editor-in-
Chief for this project. Now, after 2 1/2 years I understand.
Unlike other books that I have written, creating this dictionary was more a test
of will and stamina and an exercise in project management than mere writing. And
although I have managed organizations of up to 80 academics, nothing is more like
\herding cats" than motivating an international collection of almost 200 distinguished
engineers, scientists, and educators scattered around the globe almost entirely via
email. Yet, I think there is no other way to undertake a project like this. I still marvel
at how Noah Webster must have managed to construct his English Dictionary without
the bene ts of modern communication.
But this project, as much as it is a monument to individual will, is really the
collaborative work of many brilliant and dedicated men and women. This is their
dictionary and your dictionary."

Phillip A. Laplante.

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terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010

Dr. Wise - Medical Mysteries

Become a diagnostic detective in Dr. Wise - Medical Mysteries, and search for the causes of unknown illnesses. When everyday people fall to strange ailments, there's only one doctor smart enough to find the cure. Dr. Wise is his name, and though he suffers from a terrible bedside manner, plus what others call unique side effects, his genius propels him to help the suffering. Join his special team of interns to seek out the underlying circumstances of mysterious health conditions. Analyze the symptoms, collect samples using your medical toolkit, and search for possible toxins using the helpful Toxicometer, but don't mind Dr. Wise and his unconventional approach too much. After all, he's a doctor, not a psychiatrist. Can you solve all of the medical riddles in time to save lives? Play Dr. Wise - Medical Mysteries free with the demo version or download the full version today!

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