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segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

1001 Healthy Baby Answers

Author: Gary Morchower
Release: 2008
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

Format: PDF 592 pages
ISBN: 1402211783 (1-4022-1178-3)
ISBN 13: 9781402211782 (978-1-4022-1178-2)
List Price: $16.95
Edition: 1
What parent hasn't had the experience of leaving a pediatrician's office more confused than when they came in? Or gotten home and thought of 10 questions they should have asked after the diagnosis was given?Dr. Morchower understands. As a board-certified pediatrician and President of the Pediatric Society of Greater Dallas, he has helped thousands of parents by helping keep their child healthy. 1001 Healthy Baby Answers collects the most common questions parents have about a variety of different ailments, along with expert answers detailing everything the parent needs to know.Perfect for parents to have on hand and in the home for quick reference, this essential guide will alleviate fears and give parents the right advice to help their child feel better . . . without another trip to the doctor's.Find authoritative answers to your questions about:- Jaundice - Asthma - Seizures- Chicken pox - Anemia - Rapid breathing- Autism - Croup - Pneumonia- Diabetes - Heart murmurs - Sleep disorders And much, much more."A must for a parent or grandparent caring for a sick child."-Carden Johnston, MD, past president, American Academy of Pediatrics
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